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Fighting fear in Azerbaijan

The ritual to remove fear depends on faith in the power of fire and the speed of the fear-catcher — his or her ability to cause the person to flinch.


6 November, 2019

Women across the conflict lines

Abutab Aliyeva, 63, Maguli Okropiridze, 52,  and Seda Chagharyan, 69, live in different countries in the South Caucasus but today, in the post-conflict period of this war-torn region, they all face the same challenge: for the last 30 years these women, who all...


5 November, 2019

To live without fear of death

Three years ago, Albert Dallakyan woke up from a coma with no idea of who he was or how he had gotten there. A conscript in the Armenian army, Albert had been stationed...


5 November, 2019


My grandparent’s house, where I used to spend my summer holidays,  always seemed scary to me. When I recall my childhood, I remember feeling fear and lonelines...


30 October, 2019

Fear Catcher

Tsovinar Araqelyan is 39 years old and lives in Garni, which is 30km away from the capital. Everybody in the village recognizes Tsovinar as a fear catcher/ candle pourer....


28 October, 2019

Empowered by fear

Four years ago, Salomea Gogeshvili's life radically changed. The mother of two was in a horrible car accident. She survived the crash but the doctors had to amputate her...


23 October, 2019


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